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§1: General Terms

a) The organization of a tournament follows a non-profit cause. Venue fees are only used to cover costs.
b) Money left over will be used to organize and execute further events of similar kind.
c) The organizer holds the right to dismiss people from further events if they don’t oblige to the tournament rules.

§2: Prerequisites to Participate at the Event

a) Every participant must be at least 14 years old. Youths below the age of 18 have to bring a signed “Transfer of Responsibilities” along with a copy of their parents ID. Only if the “Transfer of Responsibilities” is completely filled out the minor is allowed to participate at the event with an accompanying adult person.
b) Every participant must be able to identify themselves. If a person is not able to identify themselves as 18 years old or older and does not bring a signed “Transfer of Responsibilities” he/she cannot be granted admission to the event.
c) Every participant has to pay the venue fee either in advance or bring it in cash to the event.
d) Participants need to bring their own controller to be able to participate in any tournaments.
e) The instructions of the event organizer have to be followed at all times.
f) Every participant will inform themselves about announcements regarding the tournament.

§3: Regulations During the Event

a) Every participant is required to adhere to general good manners. The event organizers hold the right to remove participants who misbehave without the reimbursement of any payment made.
b) Participants need to adhere to the German law, which includes that youths below the age of 16 are not allowed to drink beer or any other kind of alcohol. Any other alcohol may only be consumed by people above the age of 18.
c) The consumption of drugs of any kind is strictly forbidden. Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.
d) Participants should not willfully disrupt the operations of the event. This includes the disruption of the electricity grid and disruption of players during tournament matches.
e) The organizer is obliged to ensure a smooth organization of the event. He provides electricity, chairs, etc.
f) The organizer is granted full freedom in using the consoles and TVs provided for the event. He will only use the provided equipment to run the tournaments in the best possible fashion. In return the organizer ensures that no equipment is damaged or stolen during the event.
g) The organizer provides the ability to sleep at the venue or provides information on hotels.
h) The organizer holds the right to publish any picture-, video- or sound recordings from the event. This includes game footage as well as recordings from the participants.

§4: Tournaments and Price Money

a) Every participant is obliged to adhere to the rules published prior to the event. The organizer holds the right to remove a participant from a tournament if he doesn’t adhere to the rules.
b) Schedule and rule set of every tournament will be published in advance and at the event itself.
c) The organizer is obliged to ensure a smooth and organized tournament. He will pay out the prizes after an objective evaluation of tournament results.

§5: Regulations after the Event

a) Every participant is obliged to keep his environment clean.
b) Every participant can be made responsible for any damages he causes.
c) The organizer is responsible for damages, except those under §5 d. There is no joint liability.
d) The organizer is not responsible for damages that he could not have prevented.

I have read the ATB and accept them. *
I understand that participants under 18 years need to bring a signed "Transfer of responsibilities" to stay at the venue after 10 p.m. *

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